Why choose Hymers?


We create an environment where young people can grow, explore, discover and flourish. We inspire a sense of belonging and ignite a passion to learn.

Our characteristically high standards and expectations create a culture where young people are empowered to excel. This is demonstrated by our consistently outstanding results across all academic disciplines and high uptake of the wide variety of extra-curricular activities we offer.


We set your child up for life

Our inclusive culture is one where it is respected to succeed, whatever the endeavour. Mistakes are not viewed as failures, but as learning opportunities. We support pupils to fulfil their aspirations within the curriculum and through extra-curricular activities, developing well-rounded, grounded young adults who contribute positively to society.

We celebrate the past and look to the future


Embracing the old with the new inspires us all to challenge, grow and learn.

Traditional values such as self-discipline, respect and good manners are important to us. Equally, we believe in being ambitious, forward-thinking and open-minded.


Education isn’t confined to the classroom


From the Duke of Edinburgh Award and Young Enterprise, to Minecraft Club and Photography workshops, our range of extra-curricular activities are not only fun, but complete a well-rounded education.


Pupils looking to explore their enthusiasm for certain key subjects can compete in national academic competitions such as: Science Olympiads, Maths Challenges, Cambridge and Oxford School Debating Competitions and Cryptography, to name but a few. These provide further learning opportunities and healthy competition with other schools around the country. 

We also organise a wide variety of educational visits, both in the UK and abroad, which helps pupils to become more independent and acquire a lifelong appetite for discovery and adventure.

Take a look at our highlights below: