UCAS Statement

Hymers College was founded ‘for the training of intelligence from whatsoever social rank of life it may be found within the vast and social population of the town and port of Hull’.

The school’s catchment area includes the whole of the East Riding and stretches over the Humber Bridge to North Lincolnshire. The school strives to provide an excellent academic and all-round education and a considerable number of students benefit from bursaries and other financial support.

The school has an academically selective sixth form with an entry requirement of at least five B/6 grades at GCSE, although most students achieve significantly higher than this. A typical cohort has between 70% and 75% of results graded at A* or A/9-7. In the Alis test, 65-70% of our students are placed in Band A and around 90% are in Bands A or B, going on to achieve between 44% and 48% of grades at A* or A at A2 level.

The majority of sixth-form students study three subjects for two years; all reformed subjects are taught and examined in a linear manner, with all papers sat at the end of Year 13. Students are encouraged to study subjects that they enjoy and that will facilitate the university and career path to which they aspire. The school does not enter students for AS examinations in Year 12, but runs a series of rigorous end-of-year assessments from which to judge progress and these results are also the main tool for setting A -level predicted grades.