2018 GCSE Results


A* - A or above 7 = 65.5%
A* - C or above 4 = 95.1%

The new grading system makes understanding a schools results extremely complicated. This year, four subjects (Business Studies, Computing, Drama, PE and some Mathematics) have been graded under the old letter system with all other subjects moving across to the new numerical system.


There are effectively only two touch points where the grades are comparable namely at A or 7 and at C or 4.



Percentage of Grades A/7 or better

Nationally = 20.5%
London = 25.5%
North East = 16.7%

Hymers College = 65.3%


Value added

Hymers Value Added

On average, the value we add to our students’ GCSE results is 0.6 of a grade compared to national predictions.