Senior School Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to prepare your child for life beyond school. It gives a comprehensive grounding in key subject areas such as; English, Mathematics and Science as well as the opportunity to discover Humanities, Sports, Music, Creative Arts, Technology and Modern Foreign Languages. Our curriculum also helps develop key learning skills, such as resourcefulness, resilience, reflectiveness and team work. As your child progresses through school, they will begin to specialise more in subjects of particular interest or ability, having their own choices at GCSE.


Year 7

All pupils study English, Mathematics, Science, French, Spanish, Latin, History, Geography, Design Technology, Art, Drama, Music, ICT, Religious Education, Physical Education, Swimming, Games and Personal, Social and Health Education.

Year 8

Science is taught as separate subjects; Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and Swimming is not timetabled.

Year 9

Pupils have an element of choice in their curriculum, choosing to pursue a range of subjects from language, creative and expressive disciplines.


Year 10 & 11

Pupils start to build on individual strengths and interests, without limiting options for further study. The curriculum is still broad, but allows every pupil the chance to excel in their favourite subjects.

Every pupil will study GCSE English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and two or three of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. There is also a morning or afternoon of Games each week. Building on their core timetable, pupils can choose 4 or 5 further options. One must be a Modern Language and one must be a Humanities* subject.

In support of their various studies pupils across the Senior School will have the opportunity to participate in various school trips.