Young Enterprise team in County Final

Young Enterprise team, Midnight, consisting of students Emily Gray, Asha Lorenz, Izzy Horrocks, Alice Jeffers, Merlin Jojan, Fran Saunt, Elisha Asif and Sophie Black, recently won the Hull area Young Enterprise competition and will now progress through to the county final on 14th May.

Read our interview with the team below on what makes their product special and how they intend to prepare for the final round:

What is young Enterprise and why did you decide to take part?

“The Young Enterprise programme is a competition in which young people design their own business and sell their own products. It will help us learn valuable skills like money management, business management and advertising.”

What is your product? What makes it special?

“Our product is called 'The Jungle Cookbook' which contains simple (yet delicious!) recipes for children. We visited the Junior school a few months ago for some market research and it soon became clear that the children were passionate about helping animals and the environment, but weren’t sure how to. We decided to incorporate fun facts about animals relating to our recipes and ideas on how to help them. We also have three challenges in our book which help to inspire children to minimize waste, meat consumption and how to incorporate super foods into their daily diets. There's also a downloadable certificate at the end of the book that you can print out when the book is finished.

The cookbook not only educates children on how to be sustainable, but it is also sustainable as it is made on FSC paper from sustainable forests in Europe; which has a much lower carbon footprint than recycled paper.

As protecting endangered animals is a passion of ours, we promise to donate 5% of our profits to a charity supporting the conservation and protection of endangered animals.”

How did it feel to win the Hull area final?

“We were all nervous for our presentation, especially as we were towards the end of the line-up so we had seen the high quality of the presentations prior to us. Nevertheless, we delivered our presentations in the hopes it would be good enough to get us through to the following round.

After waiting what felt like forever for the judges to make their decision, they announced that our team had won not only the customer service prize but we were the overall winners too! We were absolutely thrilled!”

What has been your biggest highlight so far?

“Receiving our final product that we had spent months creating was definitely the highlight of this experience. We had all put in so much time and effort both inside and outside school creating the cookbook and it really couldn't have turned out any better. “

What has been the biggest challenge?

“The start of the Young Enterprise journey wasn't so brilliant. We were all stumped for ideas as to what to create and we spent weeks debating over potential products. However, once a cookbook had been mentioned we were all excited by this, especially our trusty adviser, Jo. (who we wouldn't have been able to come this far without)”

How are you going to prepare for the regional final on 14th May?

“We have some very exciting things planned. We intend to keep regularly updating our social medias, especially Instagram, with our progress so people can see what we're up to. One thing in which we're particularly excited about is that we're going to create a YouTube channel with short and easy to follow videos for our recipes. Watch this space!”

You can follow the team’s progress on the following social media accounts:

Instagram: ye.midnight
Facebook: Midnight - YE
Twitter: @cookbookjungle
Young Enterprise Marketplace: Midnight