What is Value-Added?

As a school we have always sought to add value to our students – in the classroom and in their extra-curricular activities.

Value-added results show whether or not students have fulfilled their potential in public exams such as GCSE. Positive value-added means that they have achieved a higher grade than expected. Negative value-added means that they have underachieved compared to their potential.

Using the government’s Progress 8 criteria, we have added 0.6 of a grade in our latest GCSE results.

How is Value-Added information used to improve teaching and learning?

Statistical information is used to help get the best from our students. The key benefit is that it places the individual at the heart of the process, and determines their target grades at GCSE level and A-Level. Our teachers use value-added results to evaluate a students’ performance and ensure the best feedback, help and guidance is given to each individual.