GCSE Results 2018


The new grading system makes understanding a schools results extremely complicated. This year, four subjects (Business Studies, Computing, Drama, PE and some Mathematics) have been graded under the old letter system with all other subjects moving across to the new numerical system.
There are effectively only two touch points where the grades are comparable namely at A or 7 and at C or 4.

table graphic.png

Headmaster, David Elstone, commented “Teachers all over the country have been anxious about the new curriculums and new grading systems. With this in mind I am delighted that our results have continued to compare with previous years and that both the students and teachers have risen to the challenge.” 


According to The Times (20.8.18) “Teachers have been urging even their brightest pupils not to focus on the new elite Grade 9 as so few will receive one. Fewer than 1,000 pupils are expected to get all Grade 9’s, about 0.2 percent.”

Despite this very conservative prediction, as always, several of our Year 11s performed exceptionally well in their recent examinations with six students joining the country’s academic elite with a clean sweep of 9s and A*s: Gauri Duhan, Rashi Prasad, Sreenithi Balaji, Vignesh Balaji, Amrit Cassim and  Pranav Madhusudhana

In addition, an amazing 59 students gained at least 7 As or 7s which is a tremendous achievement. A huge congratulations to all of our students.