Parent Zone & The 'Good Lad' Initiative

On Monday 25th June the school hosted two external organisations to work with students in Years 9 and 10. The Good Lad Initiative worked with the boys in the two year groups in small groups, discussing a wide variety of issues related to being a man in the 21st Century. This included social media, relationships, the media etc….

Meanwhile Parent Zone addressed similar issues with the girls in each Year Group.

The day was very well received by the pupils, who had been provoked to think about a variety of issues that they are either already facing or are about to face as they mature in to young adults.

The Headmaster, David Elstone, commented, “young people are growing up in a very different world and it is important that they take time and reflect on the possible pitfalls that lie ahead. I am very grateful to Parent Zone and the Good Lad Initiative for leading a really worthwhile day for the pupils”.

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