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‘Independence. Maturity. Leadership’

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Delivering a personal message, read what Headmaster, David Elstone has to say:

At Hymers College we value the qualities that make every child unique and aim to develop their talents and strengths. By providing a challenging and stimulating learning environment, we encourage each pupil to develop his or her own potential and contribute to the life of the school.

Our aim is to enable outstanding academic achievement, offer extensive extracurricular pursuits and develop and create pathways for our students.

Aiming to make a difference, our school allows young people start the process of growing up and developing into the good citizens they will become. Good grades, a love of learning, a breadth of interests, solid friendships and a sense of belonging to a caring community give our students a secure base from which to build their lives, and defines and distinguishes the education Hymers College offers.

Headmaster, David Elstone