John Hoskison Returns

Thursday, 5 October, 2017

John Hoskison made his third visit to Hymers College to lecture the Sixth Form. In 1994 however, he shattered the idyllic life he had forged. On a November evening he broke a discipline he had maintained for twenty years and accepted a drink after a golf match before driving home. On his journey home he hit and killed a cyclist and was sentenced to three years in prison. In the blink of an eye everything John knew was shattered.

After three months of dreadful regret and remorse he received a letter from the widow in which she offered him the most incredible Christian-like forgiveness. She hoped that somehow he would survive prison. Without that forgiveness, by John’s own admission, it is doubtful he would be here today.

John was shocked by what he found in prison. Not by the toughness of it, he welcomed the punishment. What he found incredible was the amount of drugs pouring into prison and the inevitable violence that heroin causes.

Nicole Baldwin gave the vote of thanks on behalf of the sixth form to what had been another challenging ninety minutes.


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