Hymers Team Successful at Green Power Event

Tuesday, 18 July, 2017

In what proved to be a most successful day, the members of team ‘Marginal Gains’ arrived at the KC Stadium at 07:30 on a bright but slightly overcast Sunday Morning.  There was not much time to contemplate how early it was because it was all hands-on-deck to prepare the car for the scrutineering process. 

The team had been working up to this event for a whole year, assembling, disassembling and fine tuning every part of the car, putting in the finishing touches in the very last week of term.  With the front nose section riveted on, the car was tested and passed with flying colours. 

The next challenge, apart from the first test race was breakfast, and fortunately Mrs Harrison, Lucy Harrison’ mum was already on hand with the Barbecue and the bacon butties.  Parents and sponsors were beginning to arrive ready to watch the team for the practice race.  It was an excellent opportunity to size up the competition and have a quick look at how other schools and colleges had designed and prepared their cars. 

With the test-drive over, it was time to prepare for the first race and the team hurriedly took the car back to the pits to fine tune and adjust.  The weather was now seriously hot and the gazebo that we had been loaned was a godsend for keeping out of the direct sun. The first race was the F24 which was for students aged 11-16 and lasted for 90 minutes. Despite some technical hitches with the online timings the team looked as though they were doing well and making gains on other cars.  With three quick-driver changes the team maintained their momentum and we were thrilled when they learned that they had placed second out of 38 cars in the race.  There were a few hairy moments where cars ‘rubbed’ against each other as they attempted to overtake and one car collided with the barriers.  Fortunately, there were no injuries and all teams were back in the race very quickly. 

The second race was the F24+ for students over 16 and the Year 12 students were keen to show their stuff.  The gears on the motor had been changed in the pits and the couple of extra teeth really gave the team a boost.  No other team could catch the car and even with a driver change, the drivers were way in front, even achieving the lap record for the event.  The higher gear ratio meant that the battery charge would deplete more quickly but this did not prove to be an issue.  The team easily won their race. 

The third race of the day was in the F24 category and it was another chance for the younger drivers to improve on their performance in the morning. Everything seemed to be going very well until about the half way point the front tyre blew.  Fortunately, this was near the pits but changing the tyre cost valuable minutes and when the team pulled back onto the track, they were in 30th position.  Undaunted, they pressed on and moved up to 11th before disaster struck again with another blowout.  The car limped into the pits again and was just about to re-enter the race when the chequered flag was waved.  A valiant 14th place out of 38 for the last race for the team and a great learning experience in terms of tyre durability and the pit crew. 

The day was an amazing experience for the students and the adults helping out, a great advert for the team and the school.  There were a good number of parents who were thrilled to see how well we had performed as a team throughout the day and of course on the track. 

Thanks go to everyone who supported the team, teachers, parents and our sponsors, Mr C and Mrs S Harrison, EYMS, Alphard Uk, Vive Le Velo, MKM, Insignia Signs and engraving.

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