Thomas Canty


Attended Hymers College:

1987 to 1997

What makes this nominee inspiring?

"Tom was an average student, a terrible time-keeper and perhaps one of the least house-trained people I've ever come across... at school."

However, he will be remembered from his 10 years at Hymers by many people as one of the best friends you could ever ask for. On leaving school he went to Southampton University, and then on into the Royal Navy as an officer. When he retired in 2017 after 19 years registered service he was the Lieutenant Commander in charge of the Royal Naval parachute display team, the Raiders. Not leaving his adventures behind, Tom had his 650cc motorcycle shipped to Alaska and embarked on a solo trek from the tip of the North Americas to the very most southern reaches of South America.

Tom is inspiring as a friend, a serviceman and an adventurer. He lives in Bristol now, retired at the age of 40, but working as a maritime safety consultant with Frazer Nash, and exploring the options for yet more adventures.