Paul Callis


Attended Hymers College:

1987 - 1994

What makes this nominee inspiring?

Paul Raymond Callis is a retired British swimmer and gained a world ranking positioning of 17th, and 2nd in the UK. At the time Paul was also one of a select few swimmers to break the 50 second barrier for the 100 metre freestyle.

Paul took bronze in the 100 and 200 metre individual medley finals representing England at the 2001 World Cup in Sheffield.

He was an unbeaten champion within Hull and Humberside for many years at various disciplines including: 50m/100m/200m breaststroke; 100m/200m individual medley; 50m/100m butterfly and 50m/100m/200m freestyle. He won multiple regional gold medals at the Yorkshire and North Eastern England championships. Paul has been British champion on numerous occasions across a multitude of events and won silver in the English Schools national championships.

Paul was one of a handful of swimmers selected to test the Speedo 'shark suit' before it was released at the USA Olympic centre in Colorado Springs before the launch at the Sidney Olympics in 2000. Furthermore, Paul tested the suits in Dunedin New Zealand, as a 'guinea pig' for the great Olympian ‘Michael Phelps’ prior to the Athens Olympics in 2004.