Oliver Witty


Attended Hymers College:


What makes this nominee inspiring?

“If you're in need of a brilliant drummer, reliable guitar player and fab radio guest, you'll find it in Oli. He spoke passionately on my show on Jam Radio, just before the release of his band King Orange's third single release, 'Ingratitude'. What was endearing as we discussed the band's journey and some of the background behind the upcoming release was Oli's gratitude and admiration for the Hull music scene praising both the variety of great venues throughout the city which are huge advocates of local talent, and the local artists who have sorted King Orange on their music journey.”

“Oliver has been a valuable asset in numerous musical projects since I first met him at Hymers College. He consistently shows a lot of helpful traits as a session drummer during his time at The University of Hull, being able to quickly adapt to musical cues and instrumentation, and having a good understanding of dynamic changes, and song-writing momentum. His success and creative song-writing in his band, King Orange, reflects this.

“Working with Ollie was a great experience. The nature of my album as part of my Masters project was twofold in that a lot of the cases I had a very strong idea of how the drums should sound. Given his reputation, features on BBC Radio and appearances at festivals across the UK, I knew there would be some areas where I felt the album would benefit from his own ideas. He did more than just play his parts; he injected his own personality into them, he improved the feel of the tracks.”