George Stanley Escritt


Attended Hymers College:


What makes this nominee inspiring?

An Old Hymerian who entered the school in 1921 before obtaining an MA degree at St. John's college Cambridge University in applied sciences and mathematics. From there his first role was designing safety equipment for the machinery shops at Reckitt and Coleman in Hull.

He moved from there into the army RAOC via the officer's training centre in Tidworth and from there to Northern Ireland to assist in the formation of a new Ulster Rifle's Regiment that was immediately shipped to France as part of the BEF fighting Nazi Germany. The unit was pushed back to Dunkirk by Panzer assaults before finding themselves with other British units defending the town perimeter positions so that the evacuations of other troops could take place off the Normandy beaches. They were eventually repatriated home on the last naval ship leaving Dunkirk.

GSE was soon on a convoy with his regiment sent out to relieve troops fighting the Japanese invasion of Singapore but two days out when the colony had capitulated they were diverted to the war in Burma via Bombay landings where their new task was to defend the ground locations of the forward USAF air bases.

An accomplished pianist he also made time when off immediate duty to broadcast music pieces to troops on the military radio channels.

Eventually returning to the UK in 1946 he became a founding member of the new REME corps where his engineering background soon found him involved with specialist artillery development programmes and guided missile design. He was on the technical evaluation and purchasing group for the US Corporal missile system, Bluestreak and Bloodhound UK systems that were then centred upon the War Office based in London.

Retiring from the Army as an acting Brigadier he took up a teaching position at Hymers in 1954 teaching GCSE Maths and Physics before concentrating on Physics subjects preparation for S level students on course for university entrance.

Still participative in school activities he also attended the major CCF events, coached the school tennis teams and became a member of the school choir.