Andrew Heuck


When did your nominee attend Hymers college?

1970 - 1979

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Andrew was the CEO of Heron Foods.

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The company's head office is at Melton in the East Riding of Yorkshire, previously at Walcott Street, Hull, and it has 250 outlets located throughout the North of England and the Midlands. Heron Foods has developed its business in selling frozen and convenience store goods at a discount, the majority of which are household brands. Malcolm and Sheila Heuck had a joint controlling interest in the company from the beginning, but in February 2003, having reached retirement age, they sold their stake to their sons Andrew, David and Michael.The company was ranked 13th in a list of the UK's top 50 independent grocers in February 2010 in The Grocer magazine. In September 2012 Heron Foods agreed to buy the Cooltrader frozen foods business from The deal included 54 of the 58 shops. In August 2017, it was announced that Heron Foods had been sold to B&M for £152 million