That Time of the Year

It is remarkable how quickly Results’ Days come around. It seems like just yesterday that we were dealing with last year’s A Level and GCSE Results! A Level Results’ Day very much marks the end of the summer holidays for myself and several senior colleagues as we receive the results on Wednesday ahead of publication and distribution on the Thursday. For me, Tuesday night will be a sleepless one as I lie awake in nervous anticipation.

On the Wednesday Mr Sanderson and Mr Cadle will download the results data from the Examination boards before it is given to me to assess. At lunchtime I chair a meeting with senior colleagues to discuss the individual results as we try to identify those pupils who may not have met their offers.

A Level Results’ Day itself is always one of mixed emotions. Gone are the days when the results were posted through to the students for them to open at home. Now they are distributed in school at 8am and we will witness every human emotion from tears of joy to bitter disappointment. It is then that my colleagues and I can be of real assistance to the students and more often than not their parents. I am always astonished at the lengths my colleagues will go to to ensure the student who has underachieved can still get a place at university. Excellent advice is given, based on years of experience, and colleagues will spend inordinate amounts of time helping pupils to decide on the right options.

Even though I have been through these Results’ Days more times than I care to mention, I will still have that sleepless night on the Tuesday and will pray that all will be well.