Fees & Financial Assistance


Remission Scheme

Hymers College operates a Fee Remission Scheme (HFR) to enable children to attend when parents are unable to pay the full fees.

Under the scheme, financial help up to the full value of fees may be available, dependent upon academic ability, family income and assets.

If total family income is below circa £56,000 per annum, you may be eligible for some assistance. If it is below circa £17,000 per annum, you may not need to pay the fees at all. This will be given at the discretion of the Governors and will be subject to interviews with the parents or guardians. Any assistance given will be re-assessed annually. The Hymers College Fee Remission Scheme requires a full declaration to be made of income and assets.

The Director of Finance will be happy to give confidential advice to existing or prospective parents about their eligibility under the scheme.